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LED Drivers

Ingham Designs' LED drivers have 16-bit dimming resolution which means they can smoothly fade-in and fade-out from standard 8-bit DMX controllers. At the same time, the LED drivers maintain high frequency dimming and current regulation which means there won't be flicker or light/dark bands on your video or still photos.

Other features include:

* Customizable LCD Menu System
* Protected DMX input
* Optional RS485 output link
* RDM input and control
* Thermistor input
* Regulated fan output
* High input voltage (48V)

3-Amps peak, 4-Channels

1.5-Amps, 4-Channels

6-Amps, 1-Channel

500mA per channel, 4-Channels

1-Amp, 4-Channels


LED Driver Box

Motor Drivers

Stepper Motor Driver boards that utilize very high resolution micro-stepping controllers. These are some of the smoothest quietest drivers on the market. We have a wide range of driver boards that have the following capabilities:

* Sensor inputs for homing
* Encoder inputs for closed loop operation
* 2, 3, or 5 phase motor options
* DMX input
* RDM options
* LCD menu options
* Lamp Control interface
* Controller-less operation modes


1-Channel, 500mA

2-Channel, 500mA

3-Channel, 1-Amp

6-Channel, 1-Amps

8-Channel, 1.5-Amp

10-Channel, 1.5-Amp

16-Channel, 1-Amp



Ingham Designs offers a wide variety of sensors to make project design easy. Each sensor includes a feedback LED so that you know when the it's active.
Hall Effect Sensors


Wide Optical Slot Sensors

Encoder Sensors


Dual Hall Effect Sensor


Optical Slot Sensor


Lighting Products

Ingham Designs can design and manufacturer custom products and electronics for your project. The following competed products are available directly or as an OEM branded product.
LED Profile Light

LED Video Tube

DMX Buffer Board






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